Relationships Book CoverAuthors:  Timothy S. Lane & Paul David Tripp

We reach points in our relationships when we wonder if they are even worth it.”   Wow!   This statement packs a punch as all of us have been involved in relationships where we have either thought, verbalized, or taken action that shows we don’t think the relationship is worth the time, drama, or heartache involved.

The authors, Mr. Lane and Mr. Tripp, do a wonderful job breaking apart the various components of relationships and providing illustrations that make you wonder if they have been peeking into your own personal thoughts and life.  I really appreciated their careful selection of stories that allowed the reader to identify with and apply to their own messy relationships.  The explanations and guidance found through the pages of this book are firmly held together with God’s word.

One of the biggest gains I received from this book was the realization that i am not to look to my personal relationships to give me what Christ has already given me.   “None of us will ever be in a relationship with a finished person,” so stop looking for another sinner to be our savior.

As predicted by the authors, I noticed several of my own relationships began experiencing increased conflict as I worked my way through this book.   Maybe I was just more alert or maybe God was allowing a stage for me to practice what i was learning.   In each instance I found that I was more aware of my need to focus on the forgiveness and grace that has been freely gifted to me through Christ.  I found it easier to look within at where God desires me to change versus projecting blame on the other person.   Easy?…No.  Necessary?…Definitely.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.  It was a fantastic reminder that God has a purpose for every relationship and even the messy ones are well worth our time, love, and attention.


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