A life for Christ

A Life for Christ is a newly updated book from D.L. Moody.   It is a book that will take you out of the comfort zone we often find ourselves as Christian’s.   The overall theme i gained from this book was “get up and get to work for the Lord.”   The book is divided into straight-forward chapters of Love, Faith/Courage, Enthusiasm, and Power in Little Things.   He gives many examples and illustrations of what it looks like to work for the Lord…and even though the examples come from the late 1800’s, i found them surprisingly refreshing and relevant for today.

We have somehow come to a point in life where we are slaves to our busy calendar and often the busyness serves to only benefit ourselves.   This book was a good reminder of our great commission…”to go out and make disciples”…to take the focus and energy off ourselves and put it on other people.

I highlighted many passages in this book, but the one that continues to linger is…”some people seem to think all the world needs is lots of sermons.  The truth is people today have been almost preached to death.  What we want is to preach more sermons with our hands and feet – to carry the gospel to the people by acts of kindness.

I liked this book because it put me back in touch with the basics of Christianity that we tend to complicate and put rules/conditions around.   I walk away from this book with the expectation that God is going to use me…and i need to get out there and do the work He’s given me to do.

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