Generational IQ

A definite must read!!

How many times do we hear people criticize the younger generation (esp. Millennials) because they are on their phone too much…they aren’t growing up fast enough…they play to many video games…they aren’t developing communication skills?    Haydn Shaw’s answer to those who criticize is RELAX!!!
This is the first time in history that 5 generations have lived at one time, SO yes, there is going to be misunderstanding.   BUT misunderstandings and conflict is birthed from lack of knowledge.   This is what this book is all about…it helps us come to a better understanding of the generations that we encounter day to day in our homes, work, and churches.   It gives the “why” on how each generation thinks and how they act.

Until this book, i did not realize that the culture and worldly events that occurred during each time period had such a significant impact of shaping and molding each generation. I was astounded to see how accurate his general character description of my own personal generation is (Gen X), all because of uncontrollable events that have been secretly woven into my life.

It’s important that we understand people…that we understand where they are coming from…and we can’t do that unless we have more insight and understanding of the generation they grew up in.   Take the time to read this book and understand where the different generations are coming from.

Investing in relationships is the most important thing we do…this book will help you make your investments much richer.

I loved this book so much, that i am going to turn around and reread it.

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