Beneath a Scarlet Sky

A wonderful book about a great hero!!

Beneath a Scarlet Sky is a “biographical and historical fiction” that traces 2 years from the life of young Pino Lella during World War 2.   The uninvited war came to Milan, Italy, his hometown when he was 17 years old.   By the time Pino was 18, he had already grown old due to the savages of war.

Pino wanted nothing to do with the Nazi’s.  He spent months secretly helping Jews hike snow packed mountains and dangerous terrain to safe, neutral ground in Switzerland.  A role where he felt he was making a difference and doing his part to fight against the Germans.    But as the war progressed, his parents insisted he join the German army with the hopes his life would be safe.  Through a series of events, Pino finds himself as the personal driver of a German General who “sat at the left hand of Adolf Hitler and who was arguable the second most powerful man in Italy during the last two years of World War II.”    In this capacity, Pino was able to work as a spy against the Germans.

Pino’s story is one of true courage as he literally sat in the front seat of the enemy day in and day out.   There is a beautiful love story woven through the scenes of death and war, that gives Pino hope to hold onto.


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