Thank you for dropping by!!
My name is Karen and i am just a simple gal who loves Jesus…my husband…my 4 boys…books…learning…and gardening.   Despite the fact that after reading this, my boys said i sound like an old lady, these are the things that bring me joy!

“Where’s Mom?” is a question that often reverberates throughout our home. Almost always, a voice tucked away in a bedroom, office, or perched behind video games will echo back “check her blue chair.”

Being the only girl in a family of 5 men (6 if you include my dog), I often retreat to my blue chair which is snugly tucked away in a quiet corner off the beaten path. It’s where i start each day with a cup of coffee in hand and an open mind as i enter the day.   It is in my Blue Chair that i get lost in books and it is in this place that my desire to blog about books was birthed.

My main interest lies in Christian non-fiction and leadership books.  However, i love a good fiction, especially historical fiction.  This is a way for me to inventory what i read and provide a forum for anyone that has the same interest.

As i begin this endeavor, i value your feedback and comments.

Until then, I’ll be in my blue chair…